About Us

Mr. Cobarruvias, Mrs. Godoy, Ms. Urrutia, and Mrs. Serratos ​We are happy to be at Lindsay High School as your high school counselors. We are excited to offer both academic and personal counseling support for anyone who wants or needs it. Everyone has problems sometimes--anxiety, sadness, grief and loss, worry, relationship problems, stress, drug and alcohol issues, you name it. That's life. Sometimes these problems can be difficult to handle on your own and may get in your way. That's when you might want to ask for a little help. ​We are here to help you and connect you with mental health services that will support you to stay safe, balance your life, respect and regulate your feelings, feel good about yourself and your relationships and be your very best self at home and school.

Academic Counseling

Comprehensive counseling services are available at Lindsay High School. Services are provided in a safe and friendly atmosphere. These services include college and career guidance, academic and personal support counseling. There are 3 counselors available to meet before and after school. Learners, please use the link to request a meeting with your assigned counselor.